Worldwise Geographical Association

What is Worldwise

Worldwise is the banner for the GA's range of student-oriented activities. Worldwise aims to support the engagement of as many school-aged children as possible in geography and also to increase the appreciation of their role in today's World. The GA, through a combination of volunteer effort and support from of our main Worldwise sponsors - Field Studies Council and Ordnance Survey - is able to provide the following fun and engaging, free-of-charge activities aimed at promoting enthusiasm for geography across all age phases:

  • Online quizzes
  • My Places competition
  • Geography Awareness Week
  • Local (face-to face) quizzes
  • Worldwise Challenge weekends

You can find out more about all of the above by clicking on the relevant area of the Worldwise home page.

For placing Worldwise into your own school year you can also download the 'Worldwise at a glance' PDF.

local quiz
Face-to-face quizzes for multiple teams of 3 students, with question rounds provided by the GA...
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online quizzes
Why not test yourself or have a mini competition with your friends? See if you can improve your score. Any age can have a go at both Primary and Secondary questions. There will be new questions 3 times a year at the start of each term
primary pupils
secondary pupils
my places
What is your favourite geographical place like? Read about others' places and vote for ones you like. There are separate areas for Primary and Secondary. Upload pictures if you have any. Why not find out more by clicking below?
About My Places
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