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Details of the main sponsors of Worldwise are provided below, including information on their specific involvement across the different areas.

Field Studies Council Field Studies Council
FSC contribute to the success of Worldwise by providing the use of their field centres for the immensely popular Worldwsie Challenge weekends. Each Challenge event takes place over a weekend in or around the Easter holiday period and involves approximately 30 students from upto 10 schools plus accompanying teachers, who all enjoy the warm hospitality and receive the benefit of input from their fully trained centre staff. All of this is made available at no cost to the students or their school. The first Challenge weekend took place at Malham Tarn Field Centre in April 2005 and each year the Challenge weekend just seems to get better and better. These weekends are truly memorable events for all concerned (for both the students and their teachers) but without the support of FSC none of this would be possible.

Ordnance Survey Ordnance Survey
Ordnance Survey has supported the GAs Worldwise initiative over a period of many years now and in a wide variety of ways. Their current support includes the provision of OS map extracts for both the Local Quiz and the Online Quizzes. They have contributed prizes for participants in the Local Quizzes and have also provided sponsorship support for the international geography competitions that are linked to Worldwise.

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Face-to-face quizzes for multiple teams of 3 students, with question rounds provided by the GA...
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