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In order for your pupils to take part in the Online Quizzes and My Places activity they must first of all register with Worldwise. The registration process asks them to choose their school from a list of all the schools registered. So, before a pupil can register, you must first of all create an account for your school/form.

To register please click here to go to the teacher registration area.

To login to your account please click here to go to the teacher login area.

Once you have set up your account you will be able to log in to set up the schools forms and once pupils have used the site view the submissions of your pupils.

local quiz
Face-to-face quizzes for multiple teams of 3 students, with question rounds provided by the GA...
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online quizzes
Why not test yourself or have a mini competition with your friends? See if you can improve your score. Any age can have a go at both Primary and Secondary questions. There will be new questions 3 times a year at the start of each term
primary pupils
secondary pupils
my places
What is your favourite geographical place like? Read about others' places and vote for ones you like. There are separate areas for Primary and Secondary. Upload pictures if you have any. Why not find out more by clicking below?
About My Places
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