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Near blackpool

lancashire, East Midlands

Blackpool <3

My place Iím writing about is Blackpool.
With a pleasure beach, a Primark, dungeons and a Disney store what more could you actually ask for? Restaurants to dine in, a McDonalds to pig out on and then to end the night partying at some of Blackpoolís underground clubs.
This place is special to me because itís been a family trip to go there for birthdays and in the summer holidays. Itís also special to me because itís got a Primark < my favourite shop in the whole entire world!!
In September every single year they have a firework display which is magnificent. We always go there, and on the way home, we drive through the illuminations (where last year it was Robbie Williams who switched them on) which are truly, truly fantastic.
Also there is a Madame Tussauds. Iíve always longed to go there because everyoneís been saying how good it is. Plus there is the Blackpool Tower where you can go right up to the top and look out onto all of Blackpool. Inside there is ďthe DungeonsĒ which is fantastic!! (Iíve been in there!) There are magic and clown shows (which Iíve also been to) and other attractions like a massive Wacky Warehouse.
The Pleasure Beach, has the big one (Pepsi max) which is the biggest and fastest roller coaster in Europe, and loads more like the Tango Ice Blast, Valhalla and new to Blackpool Nickelodeon land.

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chloe bevins , age 12