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Near Blackpool

Lancashire, North West

My place Iím writing about is Blackpool.
I love Blackpool because there are loads of amazing things that you can do there like shop, I love Primark, the pleasure beach and what else can you really ask for??
I got there nearly every year with my family and friends, we stay in a brilliant place called The Claremont Hotel itís really quite posh and really cool! There is loads of thing that you can do there for all ages.
In Blackpool every year they do the illuminations and they get a different famous person to light them every year like last year did it Robbie Williams and the year before that Top Gear and Peter Ander. Blackpool is just amazing I just love it you can never get bored and if you do your weird.
The pleasure Beach, has the big one (Pepsi max) which is the biggest and fastest roller coaster in Europe, and loads more like the Tango ice blast. they are really good if you like roller coasters.

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Alisha Hutchinson, age 12