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Derbyshire, East Midlands

I love ashbourne because it is a really friendly place. It is rural but you can still catch the bus to derby. There are plenty of things to do. The lesiure centre runs courses through the holidays so you always have things to do. There are a few shops in ashbourne and there are markets on Thursdays and Saturdays. We have a few supermarkets too but if you only want a pint of milk or a magazine you can pop to the newsagents. There is a newsagents at the top of the hill and one or two at the bottom. Ashbourne has quite a few surronding Ashbourne and most have primary schools which all join up to go to Queen Elizabeth`s Grammar School on the edge of town. The weather isnt always good but in April, May and June we have a few nice days!!

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Imogen Allen, age 12