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I think that blackpool is the best because it has a great deal of good features such as the beach and the tower.

There is also the roller coasters witch are...
Avalanche, Bling,
Grand National, Ice Blast,
Infusion, Irn Bru Revolution,
Steeplechase, The Big Dipper ,
Valhalla ,Wild Mouse,and the biggest of them all the one and only Pepsi Max Big reaches heights of 235 ft it holds the crown as one of Europe’s tallest rollercoasters, this realy isnt one for the faint harted or me.

The famous illuminations are also a key feature because this attracts tourists and is the main time of year, this year it will be on the 3rd September to the 7th November 2010 and robbie williams is to turn them on.

And thats why i like blackpool!!!

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Davie Weston, age 12